Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a difference a year makes

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since the trip of my lifetime. About this time last year I was cleaning, making lists, and wondering if it was all true. Close to thirty years in the planning stage, my best friend and I were actually going to do it. Looking back now, we had no real idea what all this trip would give us. Yes, there will be more, but there will never be a trip like this one was. I'm sure, come September the 22nd, there will be more written on the subject.

Shortly after that trip, I made my way to Idaho to get my heart dog. For those of you who don't know what a "heart dog" is; it is that one animal in your life that steals a big piece of your heart and won't give it back. It is that animal that is almost too connected. That is my Katelan. One smile from her just makes my world better.

I was living a fairly sedentary life. Once I began my training ritual I became hooked on exercise. The ups and downs of the prosthetic fit would become a real thorn in my side. It still is, but I feel confident it will be worked out. Meanwhile it became a game within myself to constantly challenge the limits. To be able to really feel "life" and all elements of it is something I strive for each day.

My lawyer was finally paid off. What an amazing milestone that was. Once again, to be able to outlive the expectancies...priceless.

I feel strong. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. I like who I am. I have finally purged all of the negatives from the former life. My search for my place in this world still goes on, but I catch glimpses every once in a while, and with the help and suggestions of friends and family I will someday find that place and be able to accomplish my life goal.

The sun is now peeking out and shining through the trees. Ten minutes ago it was raining again. This weekend may be the last hurrah of summer, with weather forecasted in the low 80s. I have work to do. I have friends that are coming to town and I NEED to get out on the motorcycle for some mental health therapy. They are just what the doctor ordered; that doctor being my self. A nice peninsula ride with friends. It cannot get any better. I noticed yesterday that the Olympics have had their first snow. The very tops have now turned white. They are incredibly beautiful in the winter. I have a hard time waiting for those days when it is brisk, but sunny. To take the bike out to the spot where I ride over the crest of a hill and have them in full view, in their winter dress. My heart always skips a beat. I feel I have touched heaven.

For now I sit and enjoy the memories. I also enjoy the prospects of the future. My family, my friends, my dogs (and of course Windy). They all hold an important piece of my puzzle called life. It is often a tough one to put together, but as the pieces interlock a glorious picture is beginning to emerge.


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