Friday, September 4, 2009

The weekend ahead

It is interesting to me that I have this love/hate relationship with weekends. I got myself re-tyred before I moved here, so really the weekends should not mean a whole lot for me. But they still do. There is the good, and there is the no-so.

The good:
The kids and their spouses are not working. OK, except the daughter's spouse who cannot figure out how NOT to work.

The no-so:
Weekends are the time that medical stuff seems to appear. I can't imagine anyone wanting to go to an ER. I would have to be unconscious.
Ferry traffic is ugly. REALLY ugly. I cannot encourage the kids to come over as they would be stuck in ferry lines on both sides; lines that could take two hours of sitting before finally boarding.
Grocery shopping is crazy...IF you can get to the store through the ferry traffic. It is pretty easy to spot a "mainlander;" they tend to honk their horns, and they tend not to want to let anyone cross in front of, or get in front of, them. Oh, and they don't give you the happy wave should you decide to let someone in; they seem to enjoy the one finger salute.
Traffic is ugly. My kids laugh at me when I talk of traffic. It's true, darling children, I don't "know traffic" like I used to. One of the benefits of living here!
Aggressive driving makes for more accidents, which seems to compound the issue. I try to time my trips into town according to the ferry arrival schedule, which comes to my last not-so:
Ferry schedules become non-existent. I get email alerts for the ferry run. There will be several today that say "...are running late due to high traffic volumes. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause." sigh. This weekend we don't have our normal vessels either. An accident, oops "hard landing," on the Bainbridge run caused us to have to give up our big vessel. We certainly wouldn't want the BI folks inconvenienced now would we? Sadly it is things like this that really widen the gap and the "snot factor."

My weekend? I will be meeting up with friends at a nursery. The pup exchange which was to occur a couple of weeks ago is happening tomorrow instead. The sun is now shining on the rain soaked grass, I mean moss. Tomorrow there is a 70% chance of showers. Sunday an 80% chance of rain. I wonder if other parts of the country distinguish between showers, rain, and precipitation?

The first ferry alert just hit my mail box. The weekend has begun. Stay safe, my friends, and keep the shiny side up.

And Sunshine? You look great. A little precip in the mid region, but anyone who doesn't adore you and bask in your warmth is just plain crazy. Without you the tomatoes would never ripen. I have a few over-ripes if you have a need to throw a few. ;-)



Lori Thornbrue said...

Just throw a few tomatoes at a select few people........ It IS amazing to me how quickly and easily our tenants and our lawyer outright lied. Luckily, I still believe in mankind----And I am sorry for those who do not know the truth. If only they knew, "the truth will set you free." Well....onward and upward....and I'd like your traffic! Compared to Utah, whew!
Though the rest of Seattle, for get it.....and Bellevue, no thank you.

gnome517 said...

re ferries: did you see the article in the latest kingston paper about the ferries. the rules? 1) control is an illusion :) it's good for a hoot!