Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You have now entered

A no medical talk zone. I have declared today a no medical talk day. At least around me. Period. Zip. No talk of headaches, stubbed toes, hang nails, scabs. Nope. Not even runny noses or allergies. Thank you.

That said, I will go on. The weather in this area of the United States is odd; to say the least. Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees. Today will be in the 70s and rain is expected tonight. As I drive, or ride, around the county I see some trees changing into their fall dress and am reminded that it is, indeed, fall. Rumor is that next week will see 80 degrees. It gets cold enough at night that the pool is too cold for the average person to swim in. Me? Just once. I will need to wait a while to try it again. There is something intriguing about swimming in it all winter, but it does get a lot colder than a lake or Puget Sound will get, so I might do my winter swimming elsewhere and save the electricity for those lazy days that I choose to use the furnace. Gee it's fun being a grown up and being able to make my own decisions!

Today will be bedroom cleaning day. Every other place inside is pretty much done. I made the Costco run yesterday as well as regular grocery shopping. There is plenty on the to-do list to keep me busy; that is a good thing. However, I slipped up on my trip to the store last night. I didn't crate my dog. She did find something to destroy. Thank goodness I managed to fence off the computer desk area. This time around she drug the big box away from the wood box. Inside the wood box was a plastic tube of "sand." That sand, when burned in the wood stove, somehow helps to clean the creosote from the chimney. Being that she did survive the night, both from me and from the sand stuff, I would say that she likely did not ingest any. I'm to the point of wanting to talk to an animal psychic for advice. How funny is that? This little/big/dwarf dog is the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, funniest doggy I have ever had. She must turn into psycho dog when I drive down the driveway. There are paw prints on the glass table. The zipper is chewed out of the chair cushion. I cannot count how many books and shoes have been eaten, and now computer disks. I need to put a stop to this before she eats something that could cause her great harm. Until we get it worked out, she must be crated.

The move to triathlons is slowly coming together. I have huge support from my son; I didn't realize how important that would be. I suspect next summer we may be doing a few together. He has become very active in the cycling community and his younger brother has always had a passion for it. My son-in-law is completely hooked on road biking. My daughter? Once the new grandchild makes the scene, we may see her out on a bike as well. I'm so proud of my family and their desire to make healthy choices. Having fun while being healthy is really the icing on the cake. I think all the boys understand my problem of not being able to sit still. It just happens when you become active and then have to slow way down. I am like an addict. I am not sure that is a good thing. My best reading is done on the treadmill or bike (in its trainer, not on the road). Sitting at this computer is torturous. I can handle about an hour and then have to walk away and do something physical. I remember feeling like this in high school. Every morning I would get up with Dad, at 5:30. I would strap on my running shoes and head out. It was heaven. My blood felt like sludge in the cool morning air. Once I got going I felt so alive. Every muscle came to life. I long for that again. There is nothing that can compare to running in the winter. I never dreamed that it would be something I could bring back into my life. It will be.

The Richland dog shows are coming up in ten days. I look forward to hanging with the Cardi folk. I look forward to the first outing in the Doggie Motel. Mostly I look forward to the challenges that I face with each new day. Life truly is what we make of it. I have my speed bumps; they remind me to slow my pace a bit. When I get out of the area where they exist, I throw open the throttle and fly!

Yes, indeedy, there is so much more to talk about...


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