Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rain? Precip? Showers?

Or perhaps Downpour! Whatever you want to call it, it is coming down so hard that the fast speed on the windshield wipers is just barely enough to allow me to drive. It is really amazing. Last night late, for the first time in a rain storm, I lost the satellite signal for the TV. Yesterday I was perched on a ladder for a few hours; finishing the tent raising over my sometimes used rolling stock. The Costco tents are somewhat amusing in that each year they are different. Enough different that the tarp pieces do not interchange. In fact the tarp pieces go on differently as well. I put the walls and back on the new one first. It was a tough reach in a couple of places, but getting on top of the camper did the trick. Getting off was another story. I think I need to practice the dismount a few times before I allow myself up there in public. In fact, I was quite delighted that the sides and back were up so that the neighbor wasn't subjected to the odd myriad of attempts. Getting up was easy, but getting down just not so easy. I will not be using the attached ladder when I get up to paint the sealant in a couple of weeks. It is near impossible to safely get my feet on the ladder from the top. First of all there is no outward angle at all (duh) so it really would take two twist able ankles to safely get both feet onto the steps of the ladder, pointing in toward the camper. Add to that the fact that there is not a huge amount of space between the rungs of the ladder and the body if the camper. I'm thinking it really is there for looks, or to load a few things up on the very back. At any rate, I did eventually get myself down, and finished tying down and then staking the tents. Now, of course, it is impossible to get a load of wood back to the woodshed via truck. It will need to be wheelbarrowed in. With today's weather I can't help but think about that fact. It is time for the shed to be full of wood. I have about a cord in there, so need to put up about three more. I'm not overly worried, just dread the trek with the wheelbarrow. Oh well, it's good exercise! Anyway, the tarps. The new one done, I started doing "last year's model" that covers the grooming trailer. No matter how hard I tried I could not line up the holes in the top with the holes in the sides. It just wasn't happening. It was after the fourth attempt that I came in for the directions. Guess what? the sides don't even connect to the top, as they did in this year's model! Because this tent was two feet shorter than the other I was able to do most of the work from the step stool. I think putting the tents up slowly, a piece at a time, as made it easier to accept the big hulky things in my driveway. It is REALLY nice to know that the trailer and camper are safely out of the weather. I will even be able to work on, and in, them without getting rained on. That is the best part.

So next week starts with a bang. I need to wake up running. I've got grandkids, classes, appointments, and friends in town. Knowing that, I have cleaning to do. Lots of it. However, I do NOT need to clean the fridge or the freezer. They look fantastic, if I do say so myself.


I have found that I can do most things if I do them slowly and just keep going and going. Next time you are over (perchance to retrieve wee fridge thingie) you must linger upon my deck. It's just wonderful out there, totally belies the reality of very little space. I'm letting the spiders set sail upon the bamboo at will, since they are at the corner where they get in no one's face as they brush past.

Darn, lady. You think I come back and re-read what I have posted? I only saw this because I noticed your post on the previous. Do you read your own blog writings after posting? Perhaps I am weird? (Don't answer that!) Hopefully I can get over before Thursday. The house is going to be cleaned the next couple of days. I need to stay busy. Are you home this week?

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