Sunday, September 20, 2009

No dog show this coming weekend

I've decided to bag the show this coming weekend. There is just no way I can have Kate ready, the truck ready, myself ready, the get my drift. It bugs the heck out of me to spend the money for the entries and parking, but so it goes.

However...there is an even bigger show coming up two weeks later in Boise. Kate's co-owner wrote and asked if I was going. I sent in the entry fees this morning. It will be a four day event and is also sanctioned by the Cardigan Corgi Association. I am hoping to be able to park next to Kath's trailer. I have three weeks to get back in my leg. I am pretty sure that is doable. That makes missing this coming weekend's shows a little easier to bear. I hope the weather holds for the drive over.

I have been gone a great part of the day celebrating the first grandchild's sixth birthday. All was fine, but I am exhausted. And sore.

More tomorrow.


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