Sunday, June 6, 2010

Does overplanning

lead to overachieving?

Oldest child, the one who I will be doing the Triathlon with in two weeks, calls and wants to come over. Grand-girls also want to come as school has made visits difficult, to say the least.

He is a kid who has always jumped into things with both feet...and arms...and get my drift. Good, and bad, that has always been his style. Now that he is making good choices, it has served him quite well in all ways.

Anyway, he is very excited about this upcoming race. Oh, did I mention that I am frickin' crazy to be even considering this, much less with Mr. Davis Double Century (that is a 200 mile one day bike race in California)? Me, who is sore after doing five miles. He might as well be ready to just crawl alongside me if we plan on doing this "together." sigh. So he wants to plan the "transitions." On paper. On video. I think he really wanted to practice, but the logistics of getting his bike over on the ferry was just too crazy with two young kids.

I am so excited to see him and the kids that he is having a hard time getting me to focus. Focus? OK, dear. So we make a list of the things we will need for the swim. Then the things we will need for the biking. Then the run. Then he wants me to put them in order, because, you see, we need to "transition" from one to the next; we certainly wouldn't want the towel to be under the socks. Sadly, I think he figures to beat some kind of record; me? I just am hoping to be able to get the wetsuit off and the leg on, and be comfortable enough to be able to run after the bike ride. Focus, Mom. Sure, dear. Did you check out how light my new leg is? Sorry...

I settled down and got with the program, carefully numbering the order of objects for each transition. My teacher checked my work and I got an "A." Then we all went out to play with the dogs and the horse. A reward for a job well done.

I have a funny feeling I will be "transitioning" in my sleep tonight. Not a bad thing if it makes me even a tad bit faster, eh???

I love you, dear. Bear with me. We will make it across the finish line. That much I can promise.



Colette Kingsley said...

Sounds just like my middle daughter
Julie : ) They do keep us on our toes!

Steelcyclist said...

It's not that you don't have focus. It's just that you have adapted well to raising Corgis! This is not a bad thing, as long as it's 'forward motion'.
This may serve you well in the world of endurance sport/triathlon.

Lori Thornbrue said...

Cute boy.......and what fun for you to do a race together! If you look at James and Allie's blog.....Allie just got back from a marathon. Her goal is Boston! That girl loves to run!