Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It comes in baby steps.

Yesterday I figured out the issue with the riding mower. I fixed it. What that means is that I can get, and keep, the lawn mowed in very little time. Time is so precious now. I always feel like I am going seventeen places at once. I figured out the mower while I was cleaning the carport and garage. I need to figure a way to get my truck canopy on and off by myself. I decided I will suspend it from the carport beams after I clamp it onto 2x4s. I need my carport to do it. That meant I needed to get the cabinets into the garage, which meant I needed to make a dump run so I can clean the garage. Once I clean the garage I can put away Dad's tools that have been scattered about for a couple or three years. I am about a third of the way there.

Then the pool. It is still very green no matter how much I shock it. It was time to take a sample of water to the pool/spa store and get it tested. Since the weather was decent I decided to clean the pool area. It always makes me feel happy when I get it cleaned up and get the pool swim-able. The pH is off and I am waiting for a big bag of pot ash and a big bag of baking soda. I stopped at Central Market and picked up 8 pounds of soda and put it into the pool. I needed sixteen, but I haven't a clue how they came up with that number as they never asked me how big the pool was. I will test the water myself tomorrow. I guess with the pH off as much as it is the chlorine is ineffective and the algae is very happy. Friday the shipment comes in, but I don't want to wait! As I was cleaning the pool deck I realized that it would be such an awesome dog area out there without the pool. Nice and secure. I am tired of the work and the cost involved in maintaining the pool for a couple of months of swimming. (Unless of course I could find myself a pool boy!) However, it is REALLY hot out there. I would probably need to just fill it in and plant a tree or two. Perhaps selling off the equipment would pay for getting it dog ready. It is all fantasy, but one that sure makes me go hmmmmmmmmm.

I love this picture of my house.

My dog crate cart came in. It is amazing, and I got a great deal, but this one came down to getting what I paid for. Pieces were broken, and pieces were missing. Thank goodness for my friendly little hardware store. I was able to figure out substitutes for the missing parts. Then there were the parts that just plain didn't fit. So I drilled, I sanded, I hammered, and I did it. It is awesome, and will make going to shows so very much easier. Now the problem is that my house smells like rubber. It might be a bit of overkill, until the first time all those folks with the little weenie carts get stuck in the dirt. This baby could go right over the top of them. It easily holds the 36" crate that I will use when I have both dogs showing. I need to figure out how to secure the crate on the cart, however. I am sure I can come up with something before Lacey.

I put the dogs out in the field while I was working in the pool area. When I went out to check there were only two. Nugget had gone under the neighbor's shed and escaped. So now there is another project. It is never ending. At least today he didn't find a dead rat to roll in and eat. For once I am grateful for my neighbor's yappy schnauzer. He alerted me to the fact that my pup was on his turf.

So there is now laundry going and the inside of the house is a disaster. I really need to vacuum and clean the carpet. There is always tomorrow...


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Hi Nancy, I like the new look of your blog.