Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The tale of the tail

That would be Kate's tail.

I noticed on Sunday that she had an odd spot on her tail. A spot where the hair was parting funny, or shedding out funny, or something.

I have to go with the "or something." I also noticed that she wasn't too pleased when I combed it out on Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps I should have checked her closer. Perhaps it would have just freaked me out. Perhaps...Poor baby.

Yesterday the spot looked even bigger so I wrastled her down and took a closer look. It wasn't too hard as there is a pretty large bald spot now. There, clear as day, was the skin. And a bunch of little scabs. Creepy scabs that sent my heart a pitter patter as they looked a tad like parasites. Nope, they look like, are are, puppy tooth holes! Poor Kate.

I think I told you that Nugget likes to snare Kate and ride her, by the tail, down the hill in the field. She runs full speed for the ball and upon return he ambushes her. She is so fast that his only hope of keeping up is to grab her tail. Now it seems that the "ambush" is more of a de-bush. Poor doggy.

She is way too kind. I have now taken to getting a ball into his mouth so that as he runs so he can't grab her. I feared he would break her tail. He is so big and heavy and she runs so very fast, down hill, well, your imagination can take it from there. Ow! She will not put him in his place. He now is getting a bit of tough love from his human Mom. Most of the sharp little puppy teeth are now big boy toofers. He still has all the canines and they are the worst. Hopefully they will go soon. He has never been mouthy with me. He hasn't needed to, I guess. He has Kate to chomp on. My poor little pincushion. Lucky for me she is beginning to molt. I will soon be able to, easier, go over her with a fine tooth comb and see if there is any other damage. I suspect it is just the tail and the fact that she is running so fast when he grabs her and her momentum is also contributing.

So I will stop and get some tea tree oil today. I hope it tastes REALLY nasty and that the first run for the ball gives him a nasty mouthful. Poor Katelan....


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