Friday, June 11, 2010

EEEEK! Tomorrow?

Gone are the days of panic before a show, I guess. Days? I think it used to be weeks! Tomorrow I will be rising at the crack of dawn to prep Kate for an 0845 ring call. In Puyallup. Close to two hours from here. It is now 1930. I need to be up in 8.5 hours. I haven't packed.

The dogs are clean. All three. Kate is losing her coat in her pre-heat shed. She got the first bath. I don't think I have told the number one son enough how much I love that grooming trailer. I vacuumed the house BEFORE bathing the dogs. The bath tub in the trailer was backing up from all the hair Kate lost during the bath. On Sunday I will stop her coat formula and she should shed out pretty fast. It will not be fun. After Kate was dry I decided it had been way too long since Henry was bathed. He has already shed, and there was no better time than the present as the trailer was set up and wet. Once he was done it was time for the pup. I decided to do him in the bath room as that is what he is used to and he is so easy. No drying. I had already traumitized him by grinding his nails and trimming his feet.

So I am now wet and itchy. I will shower tonight as Kate will need her "real" grooming in the morning before we leave. I printed out my check list and will load the truck tonight. Since it is only a day trip I can pare the list in half. It is odd not to be freaking out. Perhaps I am just too tired!!

For now I am off to load the truck and get gas and bridge and parking money. I don't figure on doing much at the show as Kate is not looking her best due to the hormones and hair loss. Perhaps that is why I am feeling so relaxed about it all. Whatever it is, I am liking it! We shall see how real it is when I try to fall asleep...


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