Saturday, June 5, 2010

Three years later

As I was looking at the pictures of Henry three years ago, I realized that I was still in the throws of PG and the treatment. Now, three years later, it seems like a lifetime ago. At times, when I have the leftover headache, I look at some of the pictures I took and am in awe that I have a right hand. I thought about posting them, but they might be hard for some to take. I find them pretty interesting; an anatomy lesson of sorts.

So, this is your warning. Do NOT scroll down if you are not in the mood.


The wound first turns black and then begins to slough.

This was after the first infusion.

I cannot remember how many infusions I had, but a headache is pretty easy to deal with since it means I have two hands.

'Tis fascinating what modern medicine, good doctors, and research can do.


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gnome517 said...

how much cheese are you eating these days?? :)