Friday, June 18, 2010


is definitley setting in now.

I went to the venue and got my numbers officially painted on my arm and leg. Perhaps it is a bit like a toe tag? The leg number is F in 56 year old Female. Hmmmmmm. Normally painted on the left leg, had to be on my right. I like being different! Left arm: 278. I'm suddenly struck with the fact that I am doing this, and better, that I CAN do this! It is all very exciting, yet calming.

There is a steak on the broiler. That is dinner. Only that. The truck will be packed before I eat, and re-checked in the morning before I get going. The list will be checked twice.

If I can move tomorrow night I will update. I think I will be riding high.



Kim said...

No updates no photos for you!

Best of luck and HAVE FUN!

Léo said...

I bet you're excited. What Kim said.
We're cheering for you!

2Grandmas2 said...

You two have a blast seeing those puppies. Yep, enjoy that puppy breath while I am just struggling to breath. ;o) Give them all kisses from me!

gnome517 said...

GO GO GO GO GO GO GO !!! have a great time!!!!

Colette Kingsley said...

Can't wait to hear about your day!!!
Good Luck and Enjoy yourself!