Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog day afternoon

Yep. I can't get much done for myself these days as I am so enjoying taking the dogs out. If the dogs are worn out, the house is safer. If the dogs are worn out I can at least attempt to do something. If the dogs are worn out we are all just happier. Plain and simple.

I got a "new to me" camera yesterday and I am in love with it. I am still at the experimental stage, so no pictures to publish quite yet. When I was out in the field the last time I was happily snapping away, learning the ins and outs of the camera, when Henry delivered a wet sloppy tennis ball right to the lens. Session over, time to come in and find the lens cleaner kit. It was time anyway, the tongues were all hanging out around the balls. (Tennis balls; yeah, interesting picture, eh?) I wanted to put one of those protective films on the lcd screen anyway, so all is good. Hopefully in the next few days I will weed through the hundred or so and find a decent one or two to publish. For now I am having fun playing. Christmas in June!!

Meat is cooking on the stove for the pups. I haven't bought meat this often since...well, I have never bought meat this often. I was married to a man, for 28 years, who refused to eat "mammal meat." Really just typing those two words sends me into a bit of craziness. Mostly I cook up a mixture of ground turkey and ground beef. It goes with the good kibble and salmon oil and cottage cheese. They seem quite fine with the lack of variety, and I just can't get myself into the organ meat thing quite yet. I also don't have a grinder as of yet. One day it will likely happen. For now they eat their own version of burgers.

Kate is on tap for her DM DNA test. She must go an hour without eating anything that at one time had DNA. No problem, think I. I pick up all the bones and only leave the rubber toys out. It always happens. I sabotage myself. The dogs are bored so I will take them outside. Then I realize they are sharing spit through the tennis balls. (And, gee, the rubber toys I left out.) Kate is notorious for stealing the boys' uhh, tennis, balls. So it goes. It doesn't matter anyway. Time starts over as they have all three found a nice fresh pile of Windy poo. Perhaps I should set the kit next to the bed and my glasses so I can remember to do it first thing in the morning...At any rate, I will fret, once again, until the results are back. I never went through any of this stress raising three children. Then again, I had no choice on the breeding partners of them now, did I? I have no plan on making sure the human race remains fit and healthy; I can have a tiny say in my dogs. There is something to say about gene pools and numbers as well.

So I will go and clean out the camper which is being loaned to oldest son for the week. Last use was awaiting the birth of "Plum." It can use a good scrubbing out after sitting for the winter.

Speaking of Plum, it has been too long since the last "things I put on my sister." Here is yesterday's photo...

While she looks a bit like a biker baby, she is actually wearing a surgical mask on her head. Yep, Miss Mimi can be quite creative.)

Next week I will be going to Elma to farm sit. I will have twenty some horses to watch instead of just one. Twenty some horses that don't appreciate dogs wanting to "hang" with them. It's all fun, nonetheless and I look forward to it. I think it is good for the dogs to experience a lot of different things. I suspect the grass will be knee high and the pool green when I get back.

I love my life. Really, I do.


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