Sunday, June 13, 2010


did really well. I am incredibly proud. While we weren't in the points, she was happy, showed great expression, and wagged her tail even when on the table. While I would have loved some points, I feel she has really come out of her shell and seems to be enjoying herself. I feel pretty relaxed as well, so perhaps she is no longer picking up on my stress. Whatever it is, it makes me smile when she smiles. I love the goober, and I just want her happy. I really think the biggest factor in her transformation is the Nugget pup. She really needed someone to mother. He really keeps her busy. I am also quite proud of Nugget as he was a very good boy locked away in the crate while I was in the ring with Kate. As a reward for all of us we got to go play with all the other long tailed corgis after we left the venue. I drove home with sleeping doggies. It was nice.

Mark Thorson took a couple of pictures of Nugget. No collar, no bait. His breeder really wanted to see an update of how he is looking. Thanks to Mark for doing this!

Next week I train like a crazy person. My first tri is this coming Saturday. EEEEK!



Lorrene said...

Kate looks like a winner to me. I love the picture of her in the grass with the ball in her mouth.

Colette Kingsley said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Good luck with your training this week. I know you will do