Saturday, February 14, 2009

As promised

We are both refreshed, fed, and packing up. Since check out time is 11 and our class is at 9:05 I think I will check out before I leave for the fairgrounds. In the morning when I go to the lobby for breakfast I will take a load out, then take the rest when I go back to the room for Katelan.

Once again I get a free hot breakfast. The wonderful waffle maker, omelets, biscuits and gravy (which I wrongly assumed was a southern "thang") and the cereal, danish and bagels. As we did on our trip, I eat, then grab things to munch on as lunch. This place also has a weight room and indoor pool and spa. We are right next to the airport and the medivac crew is training, so there is a lot of touch and go type stuff happening with the helicopter. This is an older building and even though it is happening just a small field away, unless I am outside I don't hear it.

The fairgrounds is just down the road. I can almost see it from here. So, one has to wonder how I can get lost, but I did. I left Lee here, figuring I couldn't possibly need it. Wrong!! It is literally right down the road...I found when I got back. On this very road that goes across the front of the building. I discovered a shopping mall, Fred Meyer, Costco. I have no idea where I was, but if I can find the Costco I will fill the gas tank before I head for home.

It is much more relaxing tonight. Part of it might be that I had a decent dinner. Part also may be that the dreaded first time in the ring is over. I had a rousing game of tennis ball and Kate is asleep beside me. She is so used to being outside and running and playing soccer or tether ball. It is tough not being able to just let her play and run. I suspect she is going to go crazy when I get Henry home. Tomorrow when we get home I will take her out to the pasture to play with Windy, but it isn't the same. The two corgwyn are such an ideal unit. I could not imagine a better group of critters than what I have. A happier family just doesn't exist. I think I am committed to not sharing my home with a two legged animal, thank you very much. I will stick with the four legged kind. They are just so much easier, and I can shut them in their crates if they are driving me crazy. Although I must admit it is an interesting and humorous image; that of a male human shut in a giant dog crate. Even funnier to think of that same human suspended by choke collar on the grooming table. Can you imagine a Planet of the Apes scenario with dogs running the place?Oh the paybacks we would all get.

This will be it until I get home. I'm hoping to find someone to man the camera when I am in the ring. If Kath gets up and over I will recruit her. Tomorrow her dogs don't show until after the lunch break. I am not sure why they showed right after us. Cardigan (C) and Pembroke (P)? It wasn't even herding group, because the dogs before me were not herders. So, send positive thoughts my way in the morning.

G2 and Kate the wonder pup

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