Sunday, February 15, 2009

Darjeeling Limited and White Assam

Last night I watched a wonderful movie, The Darjeeling Limited. This is one that I really did want to catch when it came out, and for one reason or another, I just never did. What I missed!

It took a little getting into. It opens on a particularly depressing interval with brother Jack (Jason Schwartzman), which fortunately was of short duration even while it was necessary to set up the fact that these three brothers are on the depressed side of life. It's been a year after the sudden death of their father, and Francis (the eldest, played by Owen Wilson) has orchestrated a train ride across India on the Darjeeling Limited. The trio is rounded out by brother Peter (Adrien Brody).

The trip becomes a learning experience in completely different ways than the stereotype that big brother had in mind. After turning into little boys scrapping on the floor (this involves the use of mace), a tryst with the lime girl, various strange Indian medicines, and a poisonous snake, our boys get thrown off the train in the midst of what looks like a vast desert. There their emotional journey truly begins.

Angelica Huston, whom I adore, and Bill Murray both appear unexpectedly.

As to the White assam: After watching the movie I felt the need, the need for tea. Having no Darjeeling in the house, I opted for White Assam, which I in fact did have. After filling the teakettle and bringing it to a boil (no microwaved hot water for this girl), I carefully set the kettle aside while I dealt with another pot, full of cooked pasta in need of draining.

It is a truth that should be known to all: When dealing with receptacles full of boiling water, ONE AT A TIME. I picked up the pan of pasta and, somehow, hooked the kettle of water, sending it bounding to the floor. The top flew off, and boiling water went everywhere. I danced backwards (in my bare feet) trying to avoid the boiling puddle heading my way. Said puddle was unfortunately between me and my way out, so I jumped on a chair and hollered for Ramona, while congratulating myself for not having burned myself. Around this time I discovered that one finger was bright red, and small spots all over both feet seemed to be stinging. Uh oh, need cold water, which also was on the other side of the boiling puddle. The refrigerator (with it's ice tray) was on my side though... but do you think I thought of it?

Since Ramona usually has on headphones, I wasn't holding out much hope, but she did hear me and ran for towels. My darling daughter saved me, the burns turned out to be first degree and of no major issue, and I never did drink any tea. The floor, however, is very clean.

Fantastic movie, though! Highly recommended!


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