Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thanks to our friend and third Grandma

Just when we (and yes, I mean us collectively) were feeling a bit stressed I hop on the blog so that I can reset my brain and try to go to writing mode. And there it was. An award. Very sweet, and much appreciated. Thanks, Lorrene. I will follow up with it in a bit. I am still chuckling over the newscast: "Is it bad if a vacuum really sucks?" If you readers haven't yet read the blog "Pet Peeves and other Ramblings" that we have listed on the side bar, you really need to go and do so. S2 had read an article about Lorrene and decided to check out her blog. We are both quite smitten with our favorite third grandma.


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Grandma Blog said...

Thank you for saying that,I'm eating it up. You deserved the award.