Monday, February 2, 2009

On a roll

and I don't mean crescent or dinner.

Knowing that we had 31 blogs in January means that one of us absolutely MUST blog today. After all, we only need to do 28 this month.
I'll start with a picture of a few of my favorite things. Since this is the World Wide Web, and a public domain, and some friends worry about me posting pictures of my family, I will give you this. Go ahead. AWWWWWWW. Somehow it just isn't as fun without their faces, is it?

Anyway, I have been busy "tripping" in my head. Not drug wise, but road trip wise. I have the four hour drive to Albany, OR coming up in a week and a half, and making the lists of what to take just reminds me of preparing for our trip last September. That was about the same intensity list wise. It seemed that I would think of things and immediately write them down, wherever I was. Did I carry a little notebook? Of course not. I had things written on receipts. I had them written in my checkbook. I had a gazillion little scraps of paper. I started doing this as soon as we ordered the plane tickets, which was a few months before the trip. So, I would find these papers laying around when I would clean house, and would wonder what the heck the phone numbers, directions, and three pairs of shorts had in common. Not wanting to think that hard, and considering that many of the lists were on ATM slips, I would throw them in the fire. That did not, however, stop me from continuing to make my lists. The other night I pulled out a Sudoku book and decided to do a puzzle before I went to sleep. There, on page 63, it said "call Linda, matches, new bra, map, crutches?, and dog food." The funny thing is that I have begun my list(s) for the dog show, and I had forgotten to write "dog food." My lists can so easily be mistaken for a Costco list. Prior to the trip last fall I actually grabbed a packing list thinking it was my Costco list. If I don't have a list with me when I go to Costco I am lost. I wander aimlessly down the aisles sampling the various things the ladies in white are offering. I try to remember what I need and usually come home without the most important thing; which more often than not is toilet paper. I often wish I could be as organized as S2. She has more files than anyone I know. I can't imagine she EVER forgets something if she is going on a trip. (Yes, there was that little scare with the lap top cord, but it was found in a pocket of her backpack, so that doesn't count. ) Seriously, the woman could hire herself out as a professional organizer. She wondered why I hadn't gotten a small spiral notebook in which to write my lists, and websites, and ideas. I got one. But it was never where I needed it, when I needed it. I guess I could go to Costco and get a big bundle of them and plant them in various places around the house and in the car. Just a second, I want to write that down on my Costco list...I'll just use this envelope.


Verily, I am swamped in files. You are in big trouble if I am some sort of example of organization, in fact, ROFL! I have only one word to say further on this subject, and that word is:



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