Friday, February 20, 2009

OK, all you email forwarders

It amazes me how often I get emails from panic driven keyboard drivers that I have seen maybe two or three or ten years ago. They seem to be cyclic. There is the perfume that is laced with ether so that the guy in the mall parking lot can rob, rape, or hijack your car/identity. There is the swiffer wet jet killing dogs and babies. And of course the plastic in microwaves giving you cancer. Not to mention the Teddy Bear Virus in which you will infect every one in your address book unless you remove a certain key element on your computer. Now they are getting trickier. Now there is a link to a bogus "snopes" article. Never mind that the last cycle around it was deemed a hoax. Now it has really happened; just click on THIS snopes link. I think I will just put a "this is a hoax" reply on the notepad so that I can easily copy and paste onto all the frantic postings. The most humorous to me was the time that I was sent the teddy bear virus email from a person who was taking computer certification classes and claimed that they got it from their instructor so it must be real. I sent the snopes link and this person then emailed everyone again to apologize; but they found this great website that everyone should check out. So, if it seems to good to be true, or so BAD, please do your homework before mass mailing the darn thing! If it takes too much time to do that I have some great ocean front property in Arizona that I can sell you, right after you cash that foreign sweepstakes check and the one from Bill Gates.


Do you seriously mean to say that Bill Gates/Microsoft will NOT be paying me for every email I forward? Shoot, that money was going to keep me in my old age. Now what will I do?

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