Sunday, February 15, 2009


It was a much longer drive coming home than it was going. Partly it was because I got a later start. I decided to watch the Pembroke Welsh Corgis and they showed somewhere around 2pm. Kate and I showed this morning at 9:05. We got another blue. We watched the judge dismiss a class of three with no ribbons at all, so I was a tad nervous. Then I was not at ringside when it was my turn to go in, which is a big no-no. However, the judge was super nice and gave me a little pep talk and told me I had a "very pretty pup." Ego stroked sufficiently and I was flying a little high. However, on the way to the Pembroke classes I was stroking Kate and found that her lymph nodes were quite large. It was a bit hard to tell if she was acting "normal" since the weekend was all abnormal for both of us. I worried about her giving something to the other dogs. Kath checked them and suggested that I take her to my vet ASAP. Actually her words were "do you have a good vet that you can trust?" The little high I was on came crashing to earth. Hopefully my vet will be in tomorrow so we can begin the process of ruling out lymphoma. Once we got home I found that she is indeed acting normally. I almost wish she was not feeling well. Infection would be so much better. So send positive healing thoughts our way. I cannot bear to think too deeply about this or I begin to cry. I cannot remember ever feeling this deeply for an animal, and I have had them my entire life. I have loved them all, and some more than others, but this little girl has my heart. Darn there I go. sniff.

So with that said. We did good for the first time out. It will just keep getting better and better.


You and Kate are in my prayers today. I know I'll be thinking of you both the whole and let me know as soon as you know anything.

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