Friday, February 13, 2009

Up and Away

It's Friday the 13th! In about an hour I will begin the first step to hitting the road. Henry will go to doggy camp for the weekend. He loves his "work" there; they use him to help make the sad and homesick pups feel better. For him it is another of life's big parties. When we left for the big trip last fall I worried about him. A lot. After eleven days, he was happy to see me, but really not ready to come home. Now when we drive in the driveway, he goes crazy wanting to meet his new buddies.

Last night Kate got the bath she should have gotten two days ago. As I feared she has a bad case of "bed head" on her bum. Hopefully it will settle before ring time tomorrow. She is also a bit itchy. I've really got to get the grooming trailer together. It would be so much easier to use it. (Note to self: BEFORE next show, get propane and a lesson.)

I am packed and repacked. I cannot figure out what I am missing. Because I have the truck I am taking everything. Pen, crate, crutches, poop scoop, laptop, camera, several leashes, paperwork, bridge toll, toys for the puppers, folding chair. I give up. If anyone sees what I forgot you can let me know when I get home...

We are off on an adventure, Kate and I.

Song of the day: "Dog and the butterfly" Heart. (That's it!!! I need to pack my cd collection!!!!)


Food for you and Kate? Power cords for various and sundry?
Have a great weekend! Power to the pupper!

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