Saturday, February 14, 2009


Why is it that tomatoes always want to be in the spotlight? Is it not enough that they are the main ingredient in almost anything canned? It's not like a tomato can be "kept." A lot of folks, myself NOT included, even like to eat them right off the vine. There are always prize winning tomatoes at the county fairs. Why, then, does Kate have to share her win with the Roma?
Here we were at ringside. Kate is done showing and we were watching the Pems. Kath's grandson took this. I think Kate remembers Camden. She just kept wanting to be near him.
We were exhausted so came back to the motel to nap. Kate has taken a liking to the loveseat. I think it is because she can easily get up onto it, and needs help to get on and off the bed.We did great. I checked my nerves at the gate so that she wouldn't feel stressed. I just talked to her the whole time. She stood great. In our next class, which consisted of the winners of the previous classes, we didn't do anything. I did realize that she is still lacking hair from going into heat in December. She has her first ribbon, and to me she is perfect. That is what really matters.
For now I am going to curl up and take a nap. I didn't get much sleep last night. More later.

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