Sunday, February 22, 2009

It was a Kitsap kind of day...

I headed over to spend the day with G2 on Saturday. My first 'excursion' since surgery a month ago, and maybe I overdid it just a tad, but it was so totally worth it. I've done the odd errand or medical visit, but this was the first that was pure enjoyment. I hadn't even taken any pictures in over a month, my poor camera just lying there (ok it was in the camera bag), ignored and wondering why.

A couple of days ago G2 was lucky enough to see two pods of orca on her ferry ride. I didn't get that lucky...I was directed onto the ferry and into the dreaded back of the boat ramp parking place. This doomed me to stay in the car, since I'm not great on steep surfaces just yet. At first I was peeved, but I decided to make the best of it.
The first picture I took through the windshield. Is this not a delightful position on the ferry? The second, we have a peekaboo view of the water to the rear of the ferry, courtesy of my side mirror. I actually kind of love this picture, and if I hadn't been stuck there on that ramp I never would have taken it.

G2 has talked about Kate so much, you would think I had met her, but so much has gone on for the last couple of months, I just haven't had the chance to go over to her house. Henry, now, I have gotten the chance to know Henry, and I just love him, complete with over exuberant jumping and doggie kisses.

Here is Henry, isn't he a beautiful boy?

And here is Kate, looking up at me expectantly, since I had possession of the frisbee. What a lovey this little dog is. They are both relentless, however. Heh.

Corgi's (or corgwyn) were bred to be cattle herding dogs. Here is Kate attempting to herd her basketball and Windy the horse at the same time. Windy doesn't really go for this but hey, I have a feeling Kate is going to keep on trying.
In reality she has, in the past, chased the ball under Windy's tummy, which got her a severe "nose lashing;" after the second such thing she has been a lot more careful to let the ball roll past the horse before she continues the chase. G2

After we played with the dogs (and horse) for quite a while, the day was beginning to slip away,
so G2 and I proceeded to get ready to head to the water...didn't matter which water, I just needed to walk along the water.

First though, I was distracted by the growth on this old cedar stump on G2's property. Beautiful colors, aren't they?

We ended up at Point No Point, and since the sand is pretty solidly damp, we were able to go for an actual walk along the water. I've paid for that walk today, because walking on the sand is actually very good exercise for all sorts of muscle groups that are not often used.

I am so sore today! I make pitiful little sounds when I stand up, or sit down, for that matter. It's only been a month since I had major surgery, but hey, even though the day may have been a little more than my body was ready for, it was so totally worth it! Photography is just so good for my mental health! The cliffs you can see in the distant left of the photo are on Whidbey island, and line a beach (which is unfortunately private, unless you know someone...I do). Mastodon bones are regularly found working their way out of the cliff, as well as other interesting things. I have a piece of bone that I found, and I also found a rock there with a hole in it, that turned out to be ancient money, or I believe, wampum.
It depended upon which direction you faced on the beach today, what kind of sky it was. Most of the sky on Saturday was this kind of fuzzy off color. Just the way it was. Those are the Cascade Mountains in the distance. I am not sure what sort of bird is flying through the picture. I didn't see it until I looked at the pics on the computer. It looks kind of eagle-ish, but with my luck and expertise, it's probably a gull. Sorry, indeed it is a sea gull. You think either one of us would have missed the photo opportunity had that been an eagle? FWIW it has been a couple of weeks since I have seen any eagles; perhaps they are beginning the nesting phase?

We had walked about to the point where this picture was taken, when G2 casually mentioned, oh by the way, did you remember to lock your door when you got out of the truck? Unfortunately the answer was, No. Since we both left behind things we wouldn't want to lose forever, we rapidly (well, pretty rapidly, lol) headed back. It was pretty darn cold on the beach today, as well, and I think we were both done at this point.

Besides, it looked like it was going to be an amazing sunset, so we headed west, hoping to be in good position to see (and photograph) it. It really was gorgeous, but very yellow. We got to the Port Gamble area perhaps a little late, but we were watching all the way...those glorious oranges, pinks and reds were just not happening this day. Still, it was beautiful! The Olympic mountains are in the back ground, and the Hood Canal Bridge crosses Hood Canal here. I think we found a great sunset spot, but next time, here's hoping for more color. Still, not really complaining, it just goes to show, you never can tell.

By this time we were hungry, so we went to Daves Famous Barbecue, is that the right name? Great ribs, but my gosh, they give you so much food! I brought a good 2/3 of mine home, and made two more meals out of it today. Not a morsel went to waste, that is really great food there.

After we went back to G2's, we watched a movie...but I will start a new entry for it. Already, I am laughing, and it wasn't a comedy. That should tell you something.


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