Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The winter blast

I just heard that snow is falling at my sister's place, about 100 miles south and west of here. This morning there were a lot of wind gusts that were dropping trees. Power went out in the area, but not here. Funny; since I bought the generator the power hasn't gone off for more than a hour. My wood pile has dramatically reduced in size, and I am already beginning to split and stack for next winter. I counted six trees down on my walk this afternoon. Only a couple were on my property, but I am sure there will be no problem if I want to take the time and hassle to cut and haul. If the snow stays away I will get the chainsaw out in the morning.

Living here, alone, really has its pluses. In order to keep the place running I am forced to push myself physically. I see that as a REAL good thing. I am not one to ask for help, unless I am in a dangerous situation or truly cannot do something. It is who I am, and I enjoy learning; and I learn by doing. Simple, actually. I learned a few years back, that I could quite easily become a couch potato. I needed a reason to get up and going. Between the animals and the house I have those reasons. I think I also am a bit a-feared to slow down. I have so much to do before it is my "time." Everything that I have is a huge blessing. Even the trials. Sure, sometimes it is very difficult to keep myself focused and going. Sometimes it just plain hurts to even think. I am so grateful that my parents down played illness and injury. I didn't realize how great a gift that was. I only wish I could call and thank them. I have little tolerance for whining; especially if it comes from me!

So, on I go...working toward goals that are yet unknown. Goals that, on the surface, can seem impossible. As Dad used to say: "just take one step at a time, and you will be there before you know it." As I train for the walk I am finding my inner strength growing as strongly as the physical strength. My biggest fear? I will have to think on that. I suppose the fund raising part is right up there. Rain would be tough as well. If my "short side" gets wet then the prosthesis starts to "piston" and that is really uncomfortable and annoying. I hope that I can iron out some of the potential issues before the walk.

My hopes for now are for Spring to come. I am tired of the cold and the snow. Besides, I could not convince myself that I should fork out the dollars for a snow shovel. Then again, maybe, like the generator, it would be good insurance that I wouldn't need it. I think tomorrow I may go pick one up. Just one more thing to trip over.

Song of the day? "I Can See Clearly Now, the Rain is Gone." The Bob Marley version

I'm thinking that's Jimmy Cliff singing that song, but yeah, that version! I hear Bellingham has several inches of snow already...really really hoping we don't get hit. I did some errands today (AT&T refunded my deposit today, was in a hurry to put it in the bank), and when we got home the wind was whipping so hard and cold we were like popsicles by the time we got inside.

I've been taking along an umbrella on outings for years, it's great insurance. It never rains, just so long as I remember that umbrella...

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