Saturday, May 9, 2009

Contests: Money prizes

The title pretty much says it all. I've been watching for these the last few days, because I need money to fix my teeth! You know that cool stimulus package we're all getting? Well, $250 will just about pay for one good sized filling. Or one uncomplicated extraction (mine are NEVER uncomplicated).

Must remind myself: This is not about the stimulus package. The very mention, and I'm tempted to start talking politics...never the greatest of ideas. Let's just say I hope it helps the country and leave it at that.

This is about contests that pay off in real money. Not in a merchandise type prize that you must pay income tax on (I already know about the income tax). Just the money, please! We'll pay Uncle Sam his share (since there is no way out of that), and smile as we walk off counting what is left for us. Hey, it's still more than you had, right?

2.$30,000 grand prize:
3. $20,000 from BD
4. $10,000 from Dockers
5. $2,000 from Excedrin

That was fun :)


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