Thursday, May 14, 2009

Very interesting

Today I was "tarred." There is plenty to do, but not a whole lot of energy to do much of it. So I spent more time in front of the computer monitor. For the past few weeks I have limited my computer time to two hours a day, or less. I got a lot more done around the house. A LOT. I also spent less money. Again, A LOT. How is that possible, you may ask? When I sit in front of the computer longer, I spend more time day dreaming. As I day dream I think of all the things that would be nice to have. When I come up with something, then I surf the web looking for good prices. Then I find a "really good price" and I tend to snatch it up, patting myself on the back for getting such a good deal. Hmmm. Had I not been sitting mindlessly surfing the web, I would not have thought up this thing, so I really don't "need" it now, do I? Again, sucked in by electronic technology. This is exactly how I end up with all this friggin' "stuff." It is not such a grand deal if'n I use it a couple of times than give it away as the clutter it is joining is making me crazy, now is it? I think I am going to have to go about this surfing thing with the thought in my mind that for everything I "need" I also need to get rid of two equal sized, or priced, items. My latest search involved something to house me at dog shows. I would likely go to more if I didn't have to fork out for motel rooms and doggie camp for Henry. I blame this on my brother in law and sister as they planted the idea in my head as they were getting ready to roll out for a horse show in Oregon. Dear bro-in-law says"they make campers for the smaller truck, you know." Yes, I knew. I know that they also make itty bitty trailers. There are also camper vans. All would require insurance and licensing. Gas. Not to mention more entry fees. But I could do this...I try to convince myself. At that point I got away from the computer. "It's a trap," I tell myself. A trap that I am carefully fabricating in some fantasy world where living expenses don't exist. I must return quickly to my MacDougall roots. The easiest way is to get away from the computer. There is absolutely no reason to sit here for more than an hour or two. I can get all the news I want, keep in touch with those I need to write, and pay bills in seven hours a week. If I can't, I need to examine if I truly do have a life, doncha think?

So, I am off to the field with the pups, followed by a few miles on the treadmill. I will follow that up with a chapter or two of a book I am reading. Then sweet sleep. Tomorrow a day is planned with my daughter. She learned that REI will sell single shoes for half the price of a pair. That means I can get two shoes for the 3 Day. I don't need anything special for the left side. All that is important is the angle of the sole. I should be able to get the equivalent of two pairs of shoes for around $100. Now THAT is a deal!!

Closing ceremony. Walkers filing into Memorial Stadium, Seattle Breast Cancer 3 Day. 2008

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