Saturday, May 9, 2009

Money Makes the World Go around...

The world go around, the world go around...

You know I'm beginning to age, songs from Cabaret just jump into my head. I was feeling pretty flush, I had paid off every cent that I owe, my FICO score had become something to smile at instead of avoid, and I even had a little bit in the bank. Coming off the last three years of health challenges and occasional fights for my life, this is saying something!

It's either my own fault, Murphy's Law, or prescience. No matter which it was, the thought passed my mind a month or so ago, "I think they've removed everything they can remove, and leave you still vital and healthy". I'm serious, in the last, well, 2 1/2 years, I've been relieved of 1. Any organ that asserts that you are female. Yes, all gone, although two things have been reconstructed and are looking fine, the originals, like Elvis, have left the premises. 2. Gall bladder, gone. 3. Half of colon, also gone. 4. Appendix and tonsils were previously gone. While something else might be gone as well, I can't remember what it was, so who worries?

And then it began...I had what felt like a migraine for three solid weeks. Goodbye, was nice knowing you. Of course, once the dentists have you in their clutches, they don't let go without a fight. Five more teeth will be leaving. OF course, they'd like to do implants, and I'd love to oblige, but I don't have dental insurance that is actually worth anything. We've developed a dental plan that is modest, only about $5,000 worth. Oh yeah...well what they'd really like to do would cost more like $40,000. Cough cough! Maybe I should just cut my losses and get dentures. It almost sounds good to me, cause my teeth have always decayed easily and show every sign of being that way more and more as I age. Dentures sound like a comfort (but they better fit!). I'm not really complaining...I laugh more than I cry about it. It's just ridiculous! And I'm thinking, I should keep some of the teeth around, so that I can offer one every now and again as a sacrifice.

I think I'm going to research contests that offer money as the prize. Before you laugh, consider this: When I wanted a digital SLR camera oh so badly, because I dearly love photography, I researched contests that offered digital SLR's as the prize, and entered quite a few. One month later, I say, ONE month later, I won the one I now use. True story. That camera really helped me retain my sanity during all those surgeries...

I'll have to write a separate post with all of the URL's that I dig up, we all need money, right? Perhaps one of us will get lucky!

Hope you are having fun with the horses, G2~


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