Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Winter, part two

We are in the middle of a huge winter storm. All of the foot ferries that are meant to take the place of the Hood Canal Bridge have been canceled. I was without power from sometime in the night until 12:30 this afternoon. I have learned to call the power company numerous times as it keeps them on task. Seriously. Once the neighbor, who is on a different grid than I am, went for almost a week. When I suggested they call, as I was never without power, they got an argument from the company saying that they were not without power. It turns out they were one of only two homes that were out, and a tree down into the slough was the culprit. This morning the recording said I was one of only 114 customers without power. Not bad for this area. I took a drive and found the problem and there were crews working on the tree and downed line. Anyway, this is one heckuva storm. Much as is expected in November, not in May. The rain is pounding down; so hard that in the night I was worried about the sky lights. Now there are moments of quiet and stillness, followed by huge gusts of wind and pounding rain. It sounds like a hailstorm out there. I put on rain gear to do morning chores between the rain/gusts. As I stepped out a low flying eagle flew just a few feet above my head. He, or she, was headed to the nest with a kill, and I found that the nest is in a tree behind me. I am guessing that all must be OK since he was bringing food. They look HUGE when flying right above my head.

Tonight I have to go into Seattle for a dinner/presentation put on by Washington CASH. The man who did my "tattoo" is speaking and wants me to read a couple of lines of a letter I wrote to him that is to be used on a regional TV show. Anything I can do to support Dan, I will do. He is busy making contacts, getting a website set up, and hoping to secure a building and crew in the next year. He wants to get the business going on tribal land, and hire the locals. So I need to check ferry schedules and directions so that I can be there in four hours. I HATE driving in the city. I have always hated it, and now that I don't have to go there for appointments and all, I hate it even more. Rude drivers make me insane, and there are plenty on the streets of Seattle at 5pm. Last time I was in the area I tried to let someone merge and was afraid the guy two cars back was going to chase me down and beat me up. He followed for a short time and managed to pass in front of me after slowing down and driving beside me honking and prominently displaying his left hand. I guess he wanted me to see that he doesn't wear a ring on his middle finger. It made me feel both comfortable and uncomfortable knowing that my CCP was in effect at the time. Tonight? Possibly. I decide as I am walking out the door.

The sun is shining brightly at this moment. Thirty seconds ago the rain was pounding down. I'm thinking I won't have to water my gardens today.

The house is warm and cozy and I think I will take a nap instead of a walk. That will happen after I wander around and set clocks and plug in the rest of the electronics equipment. I think a quick trip out in the sunshine might be a good tonic as well.

Carry on.


Closing ceremony, Memorial Stadium, 3Day 2008. Raising of the goal flag. "A World Without Breast Cancer"

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Grandma Blog said...

This should be the last storm of the season for sure. But don't hold your breath.