Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Knuckles sacrificed for the good

I am sitting here eating a dinner of cheerios and strawberries. I am smiling. I smile even though I have three skinned knuckles and a pulled hamstring. Sadistic? Maybe sometimes, but not this time. I look out my slider from the master bedroom at my pool, which is slowly turning blue. Yep. Problem solved. I love the internet today. I decided that I really needed to tackle the pump issue. I found a few pool tech sites and all had the same three responses to my dead pump problem. All three ended with the sentence "call the service rep." sigh. However, in searching I did find out what could be the problem and knew that I had the owner's manual in the cupboard. The original owner of this house kept all the owner's manuals. I found the book and went to the page that showed the motor with all the parts, where they went, and what they were called. I cleaned out the pump house and sat down with wrenches in hand and began to take the motor off the pump. I had to work in very tight quarters and while loosening the four two inch bolts I managed to scrape the rough concrete floor numerous times until the skin stayed with the cement. I was happy that I have decreased sensation in my hands! Once detached I gave the impeller a twist and it was indeed frozen. I little wiggle and it was fine. Could it possibly be that easy?? I got the bolts back in place and well seated, said a little prayer (and thank my Dad for giving me this gift of "handiness"), and flipped the breaker. Success! Tomorrow I will vacuum the pool (rain or shine) and the solar cover will go on. The satisfaction that comes from being able to do this by myself is hard to describe. Perhaps it is just the verification that I can really do this life alone thing.

Now I will vacuum and clean the carpet and put myself to bed. Happy, and anticipating a few more hours with the blue swimming hole planted in the cement. Life is sweet!

One of my angels; taken a few years back. They are the reason that I do what I do. They are the reason that I take each breath. It just keeps getting better.

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