Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kids and Dogs

Today has been a busy one. The weather was perfect and there was a "corgi picnic" in a suburb of Seattle. I packed up my two corgwyn and were off on the 11 something ferry. It is always fun to see a mob of dwarf dogs, with a couple of honorary corgis thrown in for good measure. I'm guessing there were around twenty. Two wheelchair doggies, two fluffies and an adorable fluff pup that was a bit overwhelmed by the activity. The "time out pens" remained empty this time. It was just a shade hot, so the dogs were content to just wander. I missed the crazy corgi frap: thirty short doggies running full speed and never hitting anyone or any thing. It is a sight to behold. Kate was one of three Cardigans and was quite enamored with the puppy. She is such a peace keeper. Henry wandered and was quite content to be the greeter. I feel so lucky to have these two dogs. He was remembered from last year, and seemed to remember some of the human friends as well. The comment of the day: "I saw you on TV and was hoping that you would have Henry with you." I guess some folks do watch the news! After about three hours I decided it was time to say "good bye" to all the dogs and their people. We will meet again on the first of August for the Official NW Corgi Picnic. It is much bigger and there is a silent auction that benefits Corgi Rescue.

I got home in time to take the dogs in the house and head back to the ferry. I was picking up my son's two girls for a sleepover. If I had something more than the pickup truck I could have brought the girls with me on the first trip home. There just was no room for all of us in my truck. We stopped at the kid favored Scottish restaurant for dinner (you know, the one with the golden arches) and headed home to feed the horse and dogs. On the way to the house one of the girls quietly announced that they had their swimming suits with them for the pool. BRRRRRR. Thank goodness for big jacuzzi tubs. They put on their suits and had a nice relaxing dip in the tub before bedding down for the night.

What a great day. The two favored things in my life. My dogs and my grand kids. It just doesn't get any better.


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