Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Washington CASH

What an amazing organization. I cannot say enough about it. They put on a great fund raising dinner; my only regret is that I don't have the ability to donate.

If you were to "google" the group you would find that they help people that want to get their own businesses up and running. It's that "teach a man to fish" thing. They help with everything from a business plan to securing the capitol to get it off the ground. Before the dinner the folks that had benefited had tables set up to show, and sell, their products. There was everything from jewelry to disposable phone covers (the inventor had to use a public phone to make a quick call...ewwww), fancy woodworking to elder care. GTOPI/Dan had a great display and attracted a LOT of attention from some incredibly nice folks. I hadn't a clue what this was all about. Let me just say that I was quite happy being naive, as it would have been pretty hard to stand up in front of those cameras that put my face on screens that were about 12'x12', or maybe 120'x120', so all could see the people at the podium. I was also delighted to be able to chat with a number of the "guests" (donors) before the dinner/presentation so was more at ease. Three business owners gave a two minute talk at the end of the presentation. We gave the last talk. The emcee of the program was a popular television personality. I don't watch a lot of the local news and had met her before hand. I used to watch her a few years back...OK a lot of years back...and she always seemed "approachable."

Penny: Thanks for everything. It was a joy chatting with you, and my prayers will go with you on your many journeys. It is your heart that I think I saw all those years ago. Best wishes as you go to Nepal and help give a few kids a better life. Thanks also for sharing/introducing Ezra. I feel honored to have been in his presence. My heart aches for what is happening in Africa, and I am glad that we could get some ideas percolating for him. The world needs more Ezra's.

And Dan: I had no idea that being your first customer would give me so much more than my new leg. I think this really can go global. You are doing so much more than sprucing up a few arms and legs. We both know that the first thing to really healing is accepting the loss and getting on with life. A small fish painted on a prosthesis means that the drudgery of pulling the thing on each morning has turned the loss into pride. To be able to share my thoughts and feelings last night was an emotional experience, on all levels. Thank you. May you be continually blessed in your quest.

I got home late, and exhausted. I rode on adrenalin all the way home. After chores I fell into bed. My head, and my heart, were full; my body tired.

I am now going to go back to bed for another hour or so. While my mind is ready to begin the day, my body is really, really tired.

I may have to get a lottery ticket. If I won I would give it ALL to Washington CASH.


I like the idea of creating a philanthropic organization when 'we' win the lottery :) I've always wanted to do that ...


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