Friday, May 1, 2009

Yes indeed, and here is the proof!

Spring has sprung on the Kitsap Peninsula.

While this had nothing to do with spring, we are having very low tides right now, although unless you know the area it is hard to tell by this picture.This is looking from the ferry back at the marina here in town. Had I not minded the mud I could have walked from my place straight to the park by the ferry landing. I'm sure we have had low tides like this, but I think they are usually at night or in weather that has me inside.

THIS is evidence of Spring. I've got buds formed on this crazy wisteria vine, which I need to cut back or it will take over the grape arbor.

And here is one of my baby grape plants.

Then we have my neighbor's bee-you-tea-full lawns. Lush, weed free, and a joy to walk barefoot in.
Then we have his rotten neighbor, who's grand kids just love the pretty yellow flowers.

One of the Rhodie's gave me a gift as I am leaving. The first blossom of the year.

And of course the bumper crop of these. My grand kids have been well schooled to keep away, but I know that they will eventually touch them and find that Grandma really does know what she is talking about.

This picture was supposed to show how big the leaves are, and how tall they are, but doesn't but I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. So there you are. See the Frisbee?

The best sign of Spring, however, is the ice cream social at the preschool, where I managed to snag a shot of all three girls under the table.

Life is nice.

I hope you are going to frame this picture of the girls! Adorable! You lucky Grandma :)


Grandma Blog said...

You have so many beautiful places over your way. I just love the pictures. Especially the three happy little girls.

2Grandmas2 said...

I took a minute, because I was looking at the wrong leaves, but whoa! The size of those nettles!