Friday, August 21, 2009

Another checked off the list

Well, almost, anyway.
Since getting the camper I have wanted to somehow get it under cover. I considered moving the tent from the trailer to the camper, but then the trailer is unprotected. So, the easiest solution would be another tent, or so it would seem. I have been watching Craig's List, but have found that folks are getting a bit crazy in their financial stress; either that or greedy. They are wanting retail prices, or more, for used tents. So it is off to Costco. I may not have paid much for this camper, but I don't want to ever have to replace it. It makes so much more sense to take care of it, and that means out of the Seattle area rain fall when not in use. I have not yet put the side tarps on, nor have I anchored the tent. (I haven't put the side tarps on the trailer tent either as I don't see a need as of yet.) What I did find was two issues. The first, and easiest, is that I had set the camper toward the garage a bit too far. Easily solved by putting it on the truck and backing it up 8 feet or so. However, that cannot be done until I extend the new tent, which was built over the top of the camper, upwards by two feet. So, for the past two days I have been pondering the best way to raise the thing two feet into the air, thus allowing me to jack it up and put it on, and take it off, the truck. I played the mindless wander around Home Depot game. As my brain slowly came up with a plan I was constantly interrupted in my thoughts by the courteous folks in orange aprons. (A couple are beginning to recognize me now, however, so quietly smile and move along.) So, this is what I did.
I got some PVC pipe, that was thick walled, and was the same diameter as the legs. I then got doweling that would fit inside both. It was four feet long, the PVC pipe two. The doweling acts not unlike a rod placed inside a long bone to heal a bad break. I attached screws to either side and a long bolt through the metal pipe leg. It ended up working pretty darn slick. I still need to level out the places where the legs sit and then anchor them down. For now they are tied off to buckets of water and sand bags.

I then loaded the camper onto my truck for a set back that will allow for easier parking and turning around in my driveway. Once I get the legs set where I want them I am hoping I will be able to get a wheel barrow through to the barn...with the two tents set up there is not a lot of room and I really want an easy access to the barn for hay and grain. I may decide to move the entire set up back by the barn, but I will need to set a cement pad back there, and I don't see that happening this year. This whole process took at least twice as long as it would normally take with this darn rib; which is also part of the reason I did not put up any sides as of yet. Stretching out my arm, either up or down, is really uncomfortable. I will now need to do it all from a ladder as well as it is way the heck up there...although in looking at the pictures I realize that I can get a good amount from the top of the camper. Cool!!

So that project is pretty well done. Once healed it will take an hour, tops, to finish it all up. For now I need to get cleaned up as I have a date with an elderly friend. It is seafood night at the Casino, and she LOVES seafood. I'm pretty partial to it as well.

Marymoor park is the scene for this weekend's shows. I can go knowing that I got the big job of the week done. As frustrating as it was time wise, it is still quite rewarding having done it.


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