Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The tomatoes are in the mail

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I heard a sound I haven't heard in many days. The rain. We in the Seattle area have come to embrace the rain. That does not mean that we don't grumble when we go day after day with the liquid sunshine, but we do miss it when we have to bring out the sprinklers in fear of losing some native tree that has been on the property longer than the first school house down the road. It is still warm. My windows are still open and the fans still circulate the muggy air. The morning thermostat read is still in the seventies. The laundry room door still stays open to help circulate the heat caused by the running of the freezer. It rained all night, yet the ground is quite dry just below the surface. However, the rhodies leaves are beginning to turn upright as if to drink each drop as it falls. I may lose a few of these twenty something plants. Between the snow this past winter and my lack of watering this summer.
A week or so ago someone back east mentioned that the Seattle area had stolen her weather and she wanted it back. (We were sweltering in the three digit heat.) She mentioned that her tomatoes wouldn't even ripen. I told her that if she would come take it back I would give her some of my tomatoes...


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