Monday, August 3, 2009

This week I want...

To be able to take a deep breath!! I never realized how much I must sigh. This is one of those "things that you don't really miss until you cannot do it" things. I also have my favorite motorcycle ride of the year coming up on Saturday and I really need full use of my balance, coordination, and timing to safely do this ride. I have invited a friend along and really hate to bail out at the last minute. How do people who "shatter" many ribs manage it?

To get the darn gutters cleaned! It is a simple project that takes maybe an hour tops. It has to be done first thing in the morning so that the shingles are relatively cool. I likely could cook a hot dog up there right now, and it is relatively cool out today. What the heck, while I am up there I might as well get the chimney cleaned out for next winter as well.

To retrieve my lawnmower from the "back 40." I need to get a bit of mowing done in the pasture itself, but I think that can wait until next week when I am not risking weekend plans.

To figure out which drawers need to go back to Shirley's. (sigh...OWWWWW) Perhaps while doing that I will get an idea of how to arrange my garage so that all will be back in its place.

To hang the fake bamboo blind on the back slider to the pool. It really does need to be done as I really cannot relax during my late night swims, which defeats the whole purpose of late night swims.

To do Henry's toenails. My son-in-law looked like he had encountered a cougar after he got out of the pool. Whether Henry enjoyed swimming with him, or was trying to save/drown him is hard to say. But those toenails have to be pared down again and that means muzzle and suspend from grooming arm. It takes less than five minutes to do all his nails, and up to an hour to get him muzzled so I can safely do the job.

That will be my week. Only time will tell how much gets done.


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