Sunday, August 16, 2009

It was a good one

the weekend, that is. The biggest show I have been to as of yet, was held at the Fairgrounds in Enumclaw. The weather could not have been more perfect. Most of the rings were out doors, and there was a tiny bit of breeze when it wasn't a bit overcast. None of the dogs baked, and most were quite happy to be amongst friends. Kate thinks that all dogs are her buddies, and all puppies need to be gently mothered and played with. It didn't matter that they were Afghan Hounds or Bernese. She did, however, show a particular fondest for the Corgis. Whether it was memories of growing up, or being eye to eye, I will never know. Luckily most the people who were wandering with pups were eager to have them interact with Kate once they found how good she was. By far the cutest interaction was the tall lanky eight month old Afghan who was being shown by a pro handler that I had seen often. Those long skinny legs next to Kate's dwarf legs were just too funny.

Both days there were nine girl Cardigans, which made just the right amount for a three point major. Two women each needed that major to finish their girls and be able to put the important "Champion" before their names. Yesterday one did it, and today the other. It was fantastic to be a small part of that. Kate has decided that showing can be fun and really seemed to enjoy everything about being there. She no longer goes around the ring looking like a slinky. I don't know if she is going through a growth thing, or what, but she really didn't look too out of place this weekend. Some lines of this breed can take up to five years to mature, and I have plenty of time. I am getting more comfortable in the ring too, and I am sure that helps her as we are so connected that she senses my emotions. She is sound asleep at my feet as I type this. I hope someday that I can experience the joy of getting our first point toward the championship. Because I will not be breeding it is not real important to finish her, but I am finding this sport to be quite fun, if only for the camaraderie. The walls have come down and the people who show in this breed are not at all cut throat; we just want to help each other. I'm not sure that too many breeds have that.

I sat around for an hour thinking about the movie "Best in Breed" and started recognizing how true that movie is. It was just the mindless happy game that I afforded myself prior to check in. A friend was there both days; today with her fancy camera and lens. We will see how the pictures turn out. I hope she got some good ones of my Katelan. I know that she missed a perfect photo op when two Afghans and a bald Chinese Crested were walking together. The long flowing locks and the pink and grey skin. Cute in a creepy kind of way.

So, we add a couple more ribbons to the stack. We add a lot of new friends as well. I think the friends were the best prize of all. In that department we take Best of Show.


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