Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wearing out a five year old

First we will search for the theme of the day. In this first picture we could be led to believe it may be cheesy smile. Perhaps gnashing teeth. Then again, it could be the porta-potty blues. You know the one:
Life is tough
I've had enough
Water, that is
And I must do my biz
But all we can find...
Gramma, please, (the dear signed)
I will wait for the permanent kind

Then again, it could be an equine theme. Or perhaps things that go round and round. Or maybe it is indeed the cheesy smile...

Then again, this looks like the blues again.
The Kitsap County Fair opened today. I drug the grand kid. (I said DRUG, not DRUGGED.) What can I say? It was a repeat performance of the one we did about five years ago. Her very first fair. They are all the same. Barn upon barn of hardworking kids trying to make sure that the public does not see any excrement from the animals. It is a tough job for all those kids, but they do it well. It brought back memories of my kids showing in 4H. The late nights and early mornings. The quest for ribbons soon gave way to dreams of that "paycheck" that showed up sometime in the fall. So, while Granny reminisced, grand daughter wandered through the barns looking for the passport stamp stations, then picked out the favorite chicken, horse, sheep, goat, zebra (?!), goat, rabbit, llama, and on and on.
In case you might wonder what might have been the girl's very favorite? It wasn't food related. In fact she wasn't hungry. I did get her an ice cream cone as we were waiting for her favorite thing to happen. All day wandering the fairgrounds. I got her a Princess CD. One where they invite her, by name, to a tea party. Yep. Had it been me at this age I would have had sweet dreams of farm animals for weeks. Not my grand daughters. They are all Princess obsessed. Pink is the color for all three of them. I got my very first pink shirt a year ago. Dress up for me, and my best friend, was putting on riding pants and boots and grabbing the stick horses. I had no tutus and ballet shoes, and was quite happy with that, thank you very much. Poor Mom. Things haven't changed much for me, except that I have accepted that I have three little princesses to dote on. My pink shirt is covered in Corgi hair, and I take the lint brush to it prior to stepping into the show ring. High heels? There are reasons to be thankful I'm an amputee. Anyway, the girl and her CD are home asleep. Grandma exhausts her. There is way too much to do while the sun is up. We never get it all done. I promised that next time we will paint the rock in the field. She has told me her design and the colors needed. Until then my baby's baby will have sweet dreams fantasizing her tea party with the Princesses...from the CD that mentions her by name at least sixteen times. Enjoy, Mommy.

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Lori Thornbrue said...

Well, I guess you do post more interesting things than killing field mice......
I haven't been to the fair in 'forever'. Hmmmmm, I can't say that, I just WENT to the Downey Fair. It is so 'small town', it hardly seemed like a fair. However, my mom won 'best of show' for her quilts (of course, they are incredible) as well as people's choice award. With all her ribbons she will get a check for about $150. Plus, we won first prize for our 'float' entry for the Downey Parade of $15. Cool, huh?
Thanks for your comment. I'm not lonely anymore!