Thursday, August 13, 2009

Of all things wet

Sunday was the family reunion thing. My sister and her husband swung by to pick me up. (Riding the ferry is so much nicer than driving the super slab.) We had a great view where we were parked, so elected to sit in the car. I generally stay in my truck as it is so much more peaceful. We noticed a lot of folks out fishing just off the home port breakwaters. Then we noticed something else. Small triangular fins bobbing in the waters. I had read later about the great white spotted off the Oregon coast; perhaps these wonderful dolphins were keeping the waters safe. You think? It wasn't long ago that I spotted them for the first time. I really didn't realize that we had dolphins in Puget Sound. I love water mammals. They just make me feel good. (And yes; I fantasize being on the Steve Irwin and shutting down the darn Japanese whaling ships!) I won't get into the family event; it was fine. On the way home we found the dolphins still hanging out in the same area. Very cool!
Saturday is the annual Corgi picnic for the North Westerners. It was supposed to be August first, but we were in the triple digits heat wise, so it was moved to Saturday. I will be down south at a dog show and am seriously considering forfeiting Saturday. It is such fun and the dogs have a blast. Anyway, I made up neck coolers for the silent auction. Since daughter forgot the cooling crystals on Sunday, she met me at the ferry yesterday. "Mom, says she. You need to put less than 1/8 tsp per pocket (2.5"x 2"). Seriously." "I will try them in Henry's first and make sure I have the right amount," I reply. The directions call for soaking up to an hour. I make a little pocket to size. Sew in the crystals and put it in some water. 1/8 teaspoonful? That's crazy! I'd best go for a scant 1/4. I begin to sew. About an hour later daughter calls to see how I am doing. I am hot. I have a headache. My rib hurts. I am grumpy. But, I am almost done with the first batch. It is while talking with her that I wander to the kitchen and check the "pocket." This thing has swollen to the point of explosion. I envisioned the raccoon on the side of the road last summer. Its little footsies barely visible protruding from the basketball shaped torso. Suddenly I realize that dear daughter does indeed know what she was talking about. Crap! On to round two. I begin making replacements for the doggie scarves. Then, mostly out of curiosity, I decide to soak one of the first batch and see how bad it really would be. Meanwhile, I take the hour to continue my sewing; adding about half as many crystals as before. I was delighted to find that the overstuffed versions would work OK.
Before soaking:
After soaking:
Directions were typed out and the sets will go in a bag for the auction. Now, however, I am in a quandary. Do I risk mailing them? We are talking only 25 miles, but across the very wet Puget Sound. It is Thursday. Our mail goes out at 5pm...the picnic is on Saturday. I really should deliver them, but cannot ride the motorcycle quite yet. The roads are wet with this morning's rain. All of the oils from the days of drought will be sitting atop the surfaces of the roads. Until there is a good amount of rain they sit in wait for a tentative biker to come along. My ribs just don't allow me the flexibility to "dance" on the roads like I need to. Oy, what to do? What to do...
If it was winter (we wouldn't need neck coolers) and payday was today (I wish) I would get in the truck and deliver these. However, it is a bit too close to the end of the week, it is summer, and pay day is Saturday, sigh.
I guess I'd better start the batch of liver brownies and get the dog ready for her bath.


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