Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just one more thing

It rained last night. I never heard it, and I had the slider (door) that leads from the pool to my bedroom open. At around midnight I was out sprinkling shock in the pool and there was no rain then. I have no idea when it hit, but it must have been a doozy. Why, you may ask? On the morning routine that I have my dogs get the first consideration...meaning as soon as we are up it is leashes on and out the door. Then they get fed, and then it is "out the door" for me; usually into the bathroom in the hallway. I rush in and sit down and realize, quite quickly, that I am sitting in the middle of a big puddle. A very cold puddle. There is the vent/fan right above the toilet. The first winter I was in the house it leaked. Not all the time, but when the rain came down "just so" and possibly the wind blew "just so." I got on the roof and put caulking around the pipe. All was fine until the rain came down, again "just so" and the wind...you get my point. Up to the roof again. This time I think I used an entire tube of caulking. I mean, who cares how it looks up there, right? That took care of the problem for seven years. So the rain leak has come back. The frightening thing is that it didn't rain hard enough for me to even hear it. The wind didn't blow hard enough to budge the two tents in the front. It makes me wonder if the wasps that have settled in the chimney cap of the furnace may have also found a way to disrupt the seals of the bathroom vent. So, there is another thing on the list of to dos, and it is now at the very top of the list. I need to climb up to the roof with my tube of all weather caulk and hope I don't encounter angry yellow jackets. Well, I guess I can finish killing off the moss. I am not up to sweeping as of yet, but I think I can handle the rest. Oh the joys of home ownership.

Tonight my son is supposed to come over and do an evening kayak journey around Liberty Bay. It is a belated birthday gift. However, this past weekend he, his brother and their two cousins did their yearly mountain bike ride up the back side of Mt. Saint Helens. The volcano. The place where S2 and I took our helicopter ride. My daughter in law called late last night wondering if I knew when they were due home. When she finally was able to get reception to the guys she was told it would likely be around 1 am, this morning. My son may be a bit stiff and tired and may put off the kayak trip. Time will tell. I will have an over nighter with the oldest grand kid as her parents have their child birth class tonight. In the morning I will walk on the ferry with her and her Mom will meet us and pick her up. Memories of when she was a baby. This kid learned to walk on the ferry boat. She thought it pretty funny to stand, straddled in the aisle, as the boat rocked in the waves. She would have all the commuters smiling. We all knew each other, so they got to watch her grow from an infant to a toddler. I'm glad that her Mom could stop that job and do the most important job; that of mother. I also was quite happy to turn the reins over to her, as this grandma is too old to be raising kids full time.

So it is another day of tasks and cleaning. The corgwyn want to go do the "chores" and bid good morning to the horse. It is 8 am so they have let me take my sweet time this morning. The Remicade headache is visiting this morning, so it is nice to have a couple of hours to get to task. Outside seems preferable to in here with the darn squeaky ball and the "muttering" that goes along with it as they both argue over who gets to give it a few good squeaks. Ow.

To the pasture, then to the pool for a vacuum. The day has begun.


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