Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's 8am

I cleaned the carpet, the bathroom, kitchen, and now a break before I move on to the pool. I'm getting tired of not being able to sleep, but at least can take advantage of my waking hours.

We hit the nineties yesterday. Today will be much cooler, which is a good thing as I really need to do things outside and cannot stand trying to do anything in the heat and dust. It still hurts to take a deep breath, and I guess I am impatient and ready to be done with this rib thing. Why can't I still heal like I was 10??
Some friends who have been living out of town for the past four years have come home. I adore them and am so happy to have them back. They rented the house out while they were gone and it got trashed. Sadly it was a church friend. We had a little work party yesterday to help them get at the grime. It looked as though there was even Kool-Aid in the icemaker...nastiness every where. The grandmother once had an antique store and cannot part with anything. So there was just so much stuff that I think cleaning was really not possible. She lived with her daughter and teen age grandson. No one lifted a finger to the yard in four years. By next week there will once again be a view of Puget Sound from the living room and deck. Oh how I wish I could get them to let me be a part of the chainsawing of the brush that has grown up. Darn this rib thing getting broadcast!!
When I was over yesterday I found out that the owners/friends have a 1913 Model T about 70% restored in a trailer on the property. How cool is that?! He has decided he is done with it, however, and I suggested he contact the Hot Rod shop in town. They certainly should be able to steer him in the right direction to sell it. I would bet the antique shop owner would have gone gaga over that! Fortunately, however, it was safely locked away in a trailer. My Dad, in me, is going crazy. Oh to be wealthy. I would take this car, and the cabin next door, and, and, and...

OK, break time is over. It is 8:30 and I'm thinking the weeds need to be mown. (Is that a word??)


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