Friday, August 14, 2009


I watched a show that I had recorded a while back. To tell the truth I am not really sure why I "taped" it, but with nothing much on the telly and being unable to sleep I decided to go for it. The official title of the show escapes me, but the message I will take to my grave. Seriously. Michael J. Fox did the show in conjunction with a book he has penned about optimism. I will be getting the book. He goes around the world talking to folks about happiness and what makes an optomist. He is pretty deep in the throws of his Parkinson's disease. Any time life throws a curve ball that affects your very core, you come out stronger, and clearer. He talks with Lance Armstrong. Lance says what I have always felt. He would not erase cancer from his lifeline. I would not erase my disease either. Those hard times that shake us to the very core, are also the ones that strip away the "fluff" and show us what life truly is about. What is important. That there is no guarantee. Then Michael gets on a plane and goes to Bhutan. I want to go to Bhutan. Bhutan is truly the happiest place on earth. Forget Disneyland, my friends. Bhutan's government strives not for wealth. Bhutan is seeking GNH. Gross National Happiness. The interesting thing when Mike began his journey around Bhutan is that his walk became more "normal." Everywhere he went people were laughing and smiling. From the youngest child to the oldest adult. Mike was able to cut back his meds. You could tell just watching the screen that he was quite high on life.

I miss the vacation that S2 and I took. I still have very fond memories that make me chuckle. Every minute of it was grand. And it was healing for me, and I dare speak for S2 when I suggest she would say the same. We were hot, sleep deprived, stressed by the lack of internet, often hungry. Yet we laughed each day until tears flowed freely down our faces. I guess in some way that trip was my Bhutan. Each morning we arose after a few short hours of sleep, to partake of the oft times sleezy Continental Breakfast. Within an hour we were chuckling about something that seemed ridiculous in our sleep deprived states. The entire trip I probably got only as much sleep as I normally get in three days. Yet I was energized. Something as silly as a forgotten tomato became fodder for our blog. I was high on life.

If you get a chance to see the show, by all means partake. It is fuel for the soul. Who would have thought that the egotist that was "Alex P. Keaton" could have come up with this stuff? I have a new favorite actor. I never really enjoyed the man/kid when he was healthy; back in his former life. He now has a message that the world needs to hear. I hope his health allows him many more of these projects.

I have the show "saved" on my DVR, but we all know that means really nothing if the box dies. I am going to order it. When I feel down I will watch it again and get my attitude adjustment.

Thanks, Michael J. Fox, for putting on the screen what I have felt. May your life forever be even more blessed for sharing.


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