Saturday, August 22, 2009

Englander mattresses

Do the homework. I have. They make some great mattresses. I have the pillow top, my daughter has the memory foam. Both were purchased at a little warehouse place less than a mile from me. A retired age gentleman owns the place and is only open for a few hours on Saturdays. When I first moved here I decided to check it out as I needed a bed. His prices are below warehouse prices. I mean WAAAY below. Why? Because he feels every one deserves a decent bed. Why? Because he has very little cost; renting a small loading dock bay. Why? No friggin' advertising. When my daughter was searching for a mattress I decided to call around over on the other side of the Sound. I could get the same mattress over there for $900 more. Yep. $900.00 more. Suddenly the $35 round trip ferry fee and wait in line seemed a pittance. Yet, we tell folks and they still go out and spend the big bucks on a lesser mattress. I'm not sure if they don't believe us, or what. Why am I on this rant, you may ask? My daughter's wonderful neighbor lady. A grandma to my grand kid. Raising her own grand daughter. She found she had a rash and was trying to figure out what she was reacting to. Then the grand kid showed with a similar rash. You get where I am going here? She had just bought a "new" (refurbished) mattress from a local thrift store. The thing was more than infested with bed bugs. Yep. Itching like crazy as I type this. It was so bad that she could SEE them. EWWWWWW. I called the little Bargain Stop mattress guy. $89 each piece. Of course they go up a little bit from there. That is for a twin, which is what she had bought. I told my daughter: "We need to just do this for her." Turns out her sister, who is her landlord feels the same; only SHE is going to do it. As I type she is on the phone with the guy figuring out which set she will buy. I am going over tomorrow so will go pick it up in a couple of hours and take it up to her tomorrow. Until she gets it she is sleeping on a cot. We are talking about a woman who has kids my age, and is has grand kids that are adults. I feel bad that I cannot deliver it today. So, why is it that all these people we tell will still go buy lessor mattress sets for twice the price? Every one that knows me knows that I cannot lie. I just don't get it. I will continue telling folks and will try hard to just back off and let people make their choices. That's what life is all about, right? Na dean sin! The Scottish heritage just tends to go a tad wonky when people over spend their hard earned dollars. A bheil thu ga mo thuigsinn?
OK, enough of the old language thing. It seems I need to get dressed so I can go get a nice lady a new bed. I could not be happier.


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