Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was just outside wearing down the dogs before I head for the store. After several launches of the tennis ball, they were beginning tire. It was then that I heard it. No doubt about it; it came from my mouth. I was the only human being out there.

First a bit of background. I was born in Seattle and raised in what was then a very small rural community to the east of Seattle. The only time I did not live there was when I went away to college. However, when I went to school I was not east, nor south, of Utah. I traveled with the Drum and Bugle Corps for most of my life after fifth grade. We went all the way to the east coast for competitions. However, most of the time was spent either practicing or in greyhound bus depots changing buses.

One must, therefore, wonder why I asked the dogs if they were "tarred" and ready to go in. I noticed that I also tend to forget the "eee" sound after such words as "bye" and "why."

Sunshine?? S2??

Is this my not so secret desire to go back to that wonderful land of smiles, courtesy, and just plain manners?



Darlin, we just want to go back :)
Bahy now...y'all come back...

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