Friday, July 31, 2009

That's better!!

The weather outside is barely tipping 80. Inside is a cooler 76. There is a light breeze blowing in off the water. I much much easier to be around. For the very first time in over a week I have only one dog lightly panting at my feet. If things continue to be cooler they may get a day without the hose cool-down before dinner. It is hot and bright out on the pool deck, so I have avoiding it for now. I think my youngest child is coming over for the day, but not positive. His brother said he would drop him off at the ferry. Time will tell.

The doctor told me a few other things that I hadn't thought about, so I need to thanks those who ragged on me; you know who you are. While I knew about the rib, his biggest concern was a ruptured spleen. I was given the warning signs and offered pain meds, which a vehemently declined. If I am supposed to watch for these signs, and those of punctured lung, then wouldn't pain meds mask it? I remember a time when I thought I should hoards meds "just in case." I figure if "just in case" comes along I probably ought to get it checked out...ya think?? I'm sore, but I'll stick with ibuprofen for now.

In the short time that I have sat and written this the cloud cover has lifted and the heat is coming. I would be shocked if it were back in triple digits, but I'm thinking it will easily hit the upper 80s. MSN has us hit 69...yeah right. It was over that when I went out to feed the horse. Sometimes a thermometer is a blessing, sometimes a curse.

While I am on the subject of "curses," I need to let it be known that I will NEVER, EVER, believe that I have won a thing when the subject line in the email reads: "Your the winner." I find it hard to believe that scammers can really lure someone in with the line. That makes no sense at all. If you cannot figure out what I am talking about, then you don't know me very well. 'Nuff said. All I can do is shake my head and wonder how the heck I got on these idiots' mailing lists. sigh.


If you take a bath in tomato juice isn't that supposed to help? You should always have a few cans hidden know, just in case...

Thank heavens it cooled down. On my side it's in the low 80's. Things have improved so much I changed the speed on all the fans to 'low'.

Do you need help with anything? I have Saturday free, excepting Ramona's request for a trip to the mall. Speaking of Ramona, she called me from work today and the conversation went like this:
Ramona: "Mom, I have a hole in my pants"
Me: "Where is it?"
Ramona, with a long suffering sigh "Mom, it's right HERE".

Silly me, forgot to put on the super duper see-anything-through-a-phoneline glasses. Fortunately her boss happened along and was able to tell me that it was small and tape-able. Ever since the time she called with the same comment, I let it go until after work and one whole leg was almost torn off at the crotch, I am extremely careful about this.


I'm fine. The youngest is here right now. Sore, but trying to be careful. O2 sats were at 92, but think that is all because it hurts to take a deep breath. This too shall pass. stupid, stupid, stupid. Lots of ripe tomatoes will be going home with him...

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