Sunday, October 25, 2009

10/25 00:33

Welcome to my world little Violet Hope. It's a crazy world, but Mom and dad gave you a great start. Big sis was there as the biggest cheerleader. Now life will get interesting!

After days of stop and start labor, little Violet made her appearance early this morning. The heavens opened and dropped a perfect little girl, yep I said girl, into my life yet again. So much stress and drama. Yet she did it all on her own time.

The doggie motel is working fine, albeit small. Well, fine for the most part. I have a lot to learn. First on the list is how to use the porta-potti. One would think it would be pretty straight forward. One would think that would be the one thing where on does not need to read directions prior to use. I did, after all, raise and "train" three children. And I am oh so wrong. Two nights ago. One in the morning. Nature calls. Not wanting to awaken all the dogs in this neighborhood I decided to just pull the little potty from its cupboard. (Make note: Put toilet paper in camper.) After the fact I notice, in the darkness of one tiny light, that there are not only switches, levers, bells, whistles, AND directions on the lid. Cool! I pick up the mini sani-kan so I can get a better view of what is written under the lid. Did you know some of these fancy things quite easily come apart in a spot that one would least expect? I guess I can say that the Doggie Motel has now been baptized.

As have I; payback is a bitch in a doggy motel. (Oh come on; Bitch? Dog? Get it?) My, or rather OUR, bed is above the cab of the truck. Plenty of sleep room if'n one doesn't sit up too quickly and forget there is no head clearance. There is a vent/skylight thing right above the bed. At 40 degrees I didn't need no stinkin' open window thing, I needed my little space heater...wrong! I'm awakened by cold water dripping on my body. Did I say cold? It was just short of freezing as it hit my forehead. Us three hot bodies didn't think that we needed to hold our breath all night; or somehow dehumidify it anyway. Warm breathing, cold outside. Condensation. Yep, the doggie motel got me back.

So, dear readers, it has been an adventure. Soon I will be able to go back home. Life will return to some sort of normalcy. I can have my daily routines again. I can reconnect with my house, land, and property. I must get back to the hospital as I have the car. BWA-HA-HA...

Pictures will follow.


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