Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday? morning

As I try to gather myself and delve back into some form of normalcy I will reflect a bit on the whole experience of the past week.

First: I have awesome neighbors, and Windy is fat, sassy, and spoiled. She was delighted to see her corgi buds, and they her. Kate rather liked being able to roll in poo and chase the ball. I rather liked not having to worry about mud on her tummy.

Second: Dog people are awesome as well. For the first time I took Henry along with me. He adores his dog sister, and she him. He tends to be a bit, well, LOUD. He also loves everyone, and cannot seem to contain his emotions. I hope some day he will find the floor is a good place to keep all four of his feet. I have always boarded him out when I went to shows. He has fun at doggy camp, but it does put a crimp on the budget. I had no reason to worry. He has accepted Kate's "Grandma and Grandpa" as his own, and that was a great feeling for me. We got a few funny looks as I was out walking the dogs around the fairgrounds. Mr. Longlegs is quite obviously NOT show quality. He is Kate's biggest fan, and she his; perhaps he is the reason she did so well. Hmmmmm.

Third: Why are there always downs that come along with the ups? One of the girls back home (at the breeder's) suddenly died while we were gone. She was the hope of bringing genetic health back to a line that was 35 years in the making. Now she is gone, and we don't know what happened. Godspeed, little Ranger.

Fourth: Cardigan people are amazing. The kudos I received with Kate's wins were as important as the points. Really. I love supporting them all when they need the numbers; I guess it was my turn. I have learned from each person I have had contact with. They all are a huge part of these wins. Dogs do indeed come and go; friends are forever. I wish Paul could have been there, but am delighted that all is well with Jolene's litter. Thanks to Denise for passing the word.

And last, but not least: Look forward, and upward. Life is way too short to focus on all the owies...both physical and emotional. Laughter heals. (However, it also makes for sore muscles.) I like to see how the dogs live their lives. They live in the "now." They love deeply and completely. They forgive the same way. Why do we humans have to hang on to the uglies and sore spots of the past? Were I to "go" tomorrow, I want to exit happy. No regrets.

Now I shall head out to vacuum, blast with the leaf blower, and vacuum again, my little truck. I will then wash and polish the outside; in the rain if needs be. It did well with nineteen hours of driving. Thanks to my son for allowing me to nab one of his work trucks when he was liquidating.

Life is sweet.



Kim said...

Hey hot stuff! Here's hoping you never come down from Cloud 9!

You & Kate deserved every second out there!

xoxo~ Kim

Lori Thornbrue said...

So excited for you.......and I will get baby pictures up, probably tonight! I was tired getting home last night. I missed the turn off toward Yakima, and didn't 'wake' up to the fact until I was nearly at the Pasco exit (which I took), but it added about an hour onto a rather long day!

Lori Thornbrue said...

I'm sure it was you that I was waving to.....!

Lori Thornbrue said...

Oh, and, praying for a safe entrance for your new grandbaby! It is exciting, but a worry until they are here all safe and sound for both mother and baby.