Friday, October 2, 2009


I got stitches out and the go ahead to slooowly get back on two feet. Great doc and nurse; neither told me their fears until today, when all checked out OK. None of us can figure out what the heck was happening, but whatever it was is now behind me. However, I am still bleeding into the stump a bit, and it is still a bit puffy. I tried putting on the liner and was pretty bummed to find how sore I am. (I'm regretting dumping the pain meds, but will try in the morning when the leg is at its least swollen.) I know that once in the prosthesis it will be much better as the fluids won't be collecting in there.

So, all is well and when I get back from Idaho I hope to be back up to speed. Oh, and yes, I will still be crutching it as part of my daily workouts. I have mistakenly omitted upper body strengthening in my routine.

Thanks to all for the good thoughts and prayers. It is amazing how a simple procedure can carry dire consequences. Luckily the small bump did not throw me completely off the road. Once again a huge testament to naivete. I knew my disease was not kicking in, and that was enough to keep me from freaking out. Thanks, Doc. You done good!


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Grandma L said...

I wish you the very best and a speedy recovery from your ordeal.