Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just like new

Not me; how I wish! My truck. It is like driving a different truck. I love my little truck. It is a plain white basic Chevy small truck. But I love it. I dote on my truck. I want it to last another twenty years. Any odd little noise, little trouble lights coming on, and I am on it immediately. Oil changes are done on time. It is washed and waxed on a regular basis.

It is the foundation for my doggie motel. Because of the camper I ordered air bags to beef up the suspension, as recommended by my son-in-law. Today they were installed. I hate having car work done on Sundays. It is his family day. This man works way more than any one I know. But today was the day he wanted to do the job. He makes me feel a bit guilty. He won't let me pay him for his time. I love him for that. Yet I also know how precious that time is. To watch him work with his daughter is priceless to me. You see, no man was good enough for my daughter...or so I thought. With cultural differences and a head strong daughter, things were tough at first. There was some confusion as to who "family" was for a bit. I could see today that there is no longer any confusion. Some things just feel "right" from the beginning. Some things ARE right, but take time to be seen for what they are. Each minute I get to spend with my daughter and her entire family, my love for her husband grows stronger. He is a good man, and he is a GREAT father. Seven years ago I couldn't have imagined him out bike riding with a little toy animal carefully tucked on his handlebars. His little daughter at his side as he works on cars; she happily retrieving tools for him. The machismo factor has gone; replaced by pure love. Seven years ago he turned a bit green at the idea of being beside his wife for the birth of his first child. To even speak of why it was necessary was almost more than he could comprehend. Now, as he awaits the arrival of his next child, I see the excitement and love in his eyes. Perhaps a tad bit of fear, but no embarrassment. It is nice. I wanted to tell him, today, how much I appreciate him. I couldn't figure out a way to do it that wouldn't make him squirm. I want him to know that I have changed my mind about him. Sadly it was true; I wasn't pleased when they married, but was willing to step back and let them make their life together. He did not need to prove anything to me. His wife is who was important. I did not want to get in the way. I feel the need to apologize to him. Because I couldn't say it to his face, and because I know my daughter reads this blog and will hopefully show this post to him I am saying it here. Thanks, Jorge. I love you and am very proud of you as a person, a son-in-law, a father, and my daughter's husband. You have really become an amazingly strong person, which you have to be to deal with my daughter at times. I appreciate the time you spend making sure that I have a safe vehicle to drive. You are family to me. I just need you to know it. Please read it again. You, Jorge, are a part of MY family. Thanks so much for all that you do. I am proud of you.

So much new. My truck drives different. I can't describe how; maybe tighter or something. New visions of my daughter and her family. A new grandchild that will soon be welcomed into the fold.

What an amazing day.


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