Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are we there yet?

To spare you all the gory details; my daughter is getting close. Little subtle changes are occurring, but the poor thing has about reached her wit's end. She finally reached that point where she is chilling as she knows that she will just be pregnant forever. Yep, the calm before the storm, I'm thinking. I will once again be heading back over on a later ferry. You see, I now have laundry to do. Towels. Lot and lot of towels. Dog towels and human towels are all needing a trip through the washer and dryer. It has been torrential rainfall on and off today. And Wind. LOTS of wind. I decided a nice warm bath would be nice. My water pressure being next to non existent, I started the water in my soaking tub. At some point there was a break in the rain so I took the dogs out to throw the ball and tire them a bit. While out there I decided to rake a few of the leaves that have begun to fall. Kate took a turn on the tether ball and then both basketballs. When I came in the water was pouring down the sides of the tub. And it was cold. So much for a relaxing bath. What the heck; there were no dry towels anyway, right? All I could do was chuckle. Yep, I am tired. I will set the heater to come on at sixty or so so that the carpet will dry. I really don't feel like getting out the carpet cleaner, but will do that when I am finally home for the long haul.

I miss my fur pillows, and they miss me. After twelve hours or so away they are delighted to see me, but after a trip outside and some food they are more than willing to snuggle up with me while I nap. I am afraid they are not very good advertising for the Lesser Corgi Society...I will never be without at least one dwarf dog. They both serve different purposes in my life and I cannot imagine my life without them. For the most part they just make me laugh.

However, two days ago I was not laughing with Henry. I caught him in my closet consuming a chocolate bar. It was a super strength chocolate bar, and not very tasty or it would have been gone long ago. Many dogs die each year from chocolate consumption. I grabbed him and went to the cupboard. I then remembered on my cleaning binge a few weeks ago I threw away the ipecac. So it was the hydrogen peroxide that would have to do. Henry, being the rescue he is, has a few very odd "quirks." Restraint is a bad trigger. His eyes go blank and he goes crazy. He obviously was not happy to have me trying to syringe foul tasting stuff down his throat. Long story short, Henry is fine. I have battle scars on my arms and hands. I leaned a lesson. Throw away the chocolate if I am not going to eat it right away. Get some ipecac. Purchase some falconry gloves. The kind that go at least to my elbows. Henry has forgiven me. There will be hell to pay when it comes time to do his nails next week. I think I will be paying the grooming place this time around.

So I will now finish up the laundry, make a few calls, feed the critters, and head back to the other side of the water. Perhaps, just perhaps, I will not get any sleep tonight. That would be a good thing.


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