Saturday, October 31, 2009

Of helicopters

and six year olds.

Yesterday we had a doozy of a windstorm. I was outside with the critters and the leaves were blowing like crazy as I attempted to rake them. Almost as quickly as I could get them into a small pile either the horse or a dog would scatter them. I decided it was fun for them and exercise for me. Win-win! At one point all activity stopped as the dogs noses went almost straight up in the air. At the same time a gust of wind went through. I looked up in time to see what almost appeared to be a gigantic hoard of insects flying through the air. The sky was filled with these dragonfly sized bugs, wings spinning. Suddenly I realized what I was seeing. The wind had released the seeds of the big leafed maples that surround my field. Helicopters!!

A couple of weeks, or so, ago my oldest grand daughter was over. I spend most of my daylight outside, and much of that is in the pasture. She was with me. The sun was out and the ground was drying a bit. I reached down and took a seed pod and instantly transformed to six years old. I threw it into the air and delighted as it spun its way back to earth. Soon we were both sending the "helicopters" spinning. Something as simple as a seed pod quickly strengthened our bond to one another. This is the kind of little thing that I get to share with my grand kids. Life is so busy for them and their parents. With cars now costing what I paid for my first house it is no wonder that some of the little things fall between the cracks. Mom and Dad are tired from just trying to stay afloat. It is my job to share the little things. The simple little things from MY youth. It has become my mission to explore beyond electronics with the girls.

I think a piece of my legacy will be wrapped in brown fuzz, spinning slowly back to the dirt.


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