Thursday, October 15, 2009

What the heck

day IS it?

I am so very glad that I can "mouse-over" the little clock on the right corner of the computer screen and find the day and date. It seems like such a simple thing, but it truly is one of those things that I use a lot. Now that I have auto deposit I find that I am not eagerly awaiting that certain date called pay day. As a result all that matters is the account status which can also be verified via the monitor in front of my face. I think it could be easy to forget that people are living, breathing, two legged entities. On the rare occasions that I hit the bank drive through window (no, not literally) it is a bit like a weird reunion. The dogs delight in the stale hard Milk Bones and recognize the bank as we turn in.

So it is now Thursday. I was up all night with my daughter. We paced. She moaned. We laughed. She peed. I remember it well. I came home on the first ferry back, which was 5:45am. I alerted the workers that I may need a "window tap" as we pull into port. Sitting in the truck with the waves rocking the boat is sometimes a nice way to be lulled to sleep. Unfortunately the commute traffic is not amused by anyone holding up the line. At night when the last boat is full of locals coming home (full being subjective...often less than twenty cars) it is much more laid back. The ferry deck worker wanders through the lines of cars noting the drivers who are napping. Often we police each other and will tap on the windows of our neighbors as we pull into port. If we have to wait a few extra seconds for a driver to awaken, and more important, orient him/her self, it is no big deal. A tad different first thing in the morning. I pulled out the Sudoku book in hopes of keeping my mind from drifting into sleep, and it worked. Once home the evil Katelan is let out of her plastic tomb and both get a quick trip out before I settle into bed. Kate took her place on/at my head as Henry snuggled next to my leg. I remember nothing more until 11am. I can function quite well on four hours. I did it all last week at the shows.

It's Thursday. For the next hour I will sit and quietly pay bills here at the computer. The dogs are quietly chewing on deer antler treats. They seem to be quite the hit. So much so that neither has decided, yet, that the other has the better piece. All is good for now.

Soon I will meet the new grand child. In her/his own time. While my daughter goes through the misery and discomfort that we all had at the end of our pregnancies, it all just makes me smile. Pacing amongst the cartons the stockers have set in the aisles at WallyWorld is just a part of the game. I know that she will deliver this child and wish two weeks later that she could put it back as the inconvenience becomes a reality. I smile. She thinks she is tired now. Again I smile. I remember my mother doing the same thing with me. I was tired and grumpy with her. I didn't have her for the last pregnancy and I missed her. While I wanted to wipe that grin off her face it also gave me comfort knowing that she was there to catch me as I went off the edge. That is my job right now for my daughter. All I can say is

It is so much easier having four legged kids!!!!

Is it Friday yet?


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